"Shakuhachi" is an ebook about the thought, philosophy, and musical principles of the great Fuke shakuhachi school.


"Ninja" is an ebook in Japanese and French presenting the life, customs, and history of ninjas, the warriors of the shadow of medieval Japan.

Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms 02

"Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms 02", the following of the beautiful digital book illustrated by famous painter Wang Yishi. Only available in French for the moment.

Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms 01

"Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms 01" is a digital book illustrated by the famous painter Wang Yishi. Only available in French for the moment.

Shakuhachi the blowing zen

S28 launches its first book for adults. A book enriched with meditiation music about the Japanese Shakuhachi bamboo flute. Only available in French for the moment.

Theo the white bear Lite

Theo the white bear" is a superb children's tale that tells the story of friendship between two polar bear cubs that live at the North Pole.

The Forest Friends

" The forest friends" is a cute tale for children to read, listen and watch. Come and discover where all the forest friends are going.

Medieval Castles

Travel back in time and discover the life in a Middle Age fortified castle with Arthur, a young page who want to become a brave knight.

Merry Christmas

Discover the traditions and customs of Christmas.  

The Ugly Duckling

This classic tale is a message of hope and shows how the child as he develops, must learn to understand and accept himself.

Three Little Pigs

This old fairy tale teaches your child the value of hard work.

Little Red Riding Hood

This classic tale of a young girl who meets a wolf in the woods teaches your child to be careful around strangers.